Saturday, May 9, 2009

second entri,,

hello, this my second entri everybody..

first, i want make little confession, actualy my english is not good enough. so, i would try to wrote this blog with english, and little mix it with indonesian language.


Today, iam work in my mom cooking spice kiosk, and belive or not the experience is shocking me.

hehem.. pengalaman kerja, apalagi bantuin nyokab adalah pengalaman yang ngena banget, karena lo akan bisa em, jadi sangat bisa menghargai yang namanaya UANG or MONEY.

and what a hard try to gotten it.

uhu, dengan bekerja denagn nyokab, gw juga jadi bisa nabung to buy dream glady. yuhu...

lope work for mom..

my photo with new glady(Gladiator,Wondershoe)

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